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  • protein fractination

    Protein Fractionation

    —— Gelfree® 8100 Fractionation System

    Recovery of MW Fractions from Gels is Tedious and Unpredictable. Use This Instead.

  • protein gel stain

    Protein Gel Stain

    —— Results within 15 minutes

    Only the proteins are stained, resulting in extremely well defined blue bands on a highly transparent background.

  • nanodrop spectrophotometer

    Nano Spectrophotometer

    ——VersaWave Spectroscopy

    The perfect tool for fast and accurate measurement of a wide variety of biomolecules such as protein, DNA and RNA


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German Society of Hygiene and Microbiology Research 
67th Annual Meeting
Messe und Congress Centrum, Halle Münsterland GmbH
Albersloher Weg 32, 48155 Münster, Germany 
27 - 30 September 2015

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Innovation in Spectroscopy

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Expedeon has been providing the scientific community with high-value, low cost protein research products since 1999. Our full line of pre-cast acrylamide gels, protein stains, affinity resins, and protein quantitiation assays, will enhance your protein characterization and analysis.  Our Protein Discovery line of sample preparation and protein fractionation products for Mass-Spectrometry is at the cutting edge of proteomic analysis.

3FOR2 Precast Gels
Published Papers

Calnexin Induces Expansion of Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cells that Confer Immunity to Fungal Ascomycetes via Conserved Epitopes

Expedeon’s GELFrEE 8100 protein fractionation system enables Identification of fungal antigen.
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Identification of a prospective MMP-9 dependent protein marker by GELFREE 8100 fractionation

Expedeon’s GELFrEE 8100 protein fractionation system, coupled to mass spectrometry-based proteomics, has made comparable plasma analysis of wild-type and MMP-9 null mice possible.
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Nvoy assisted protein crystallization

Expedeon’s Nvoy has enabled researchers at GSK to generate crystal structures of ASK1-inhibitor complexes providing a platform for structure based drug design.
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G8100 Top Down Proteomics of Soluble and Integral Membrane Proteins from Human Mitochondria ASMS 2012SDS Page - Proteins from human. More posters...