Lightning-Link® In-licensing Deal Enhances ImmunoReagents’ Product Offering to the Diagnostic Industry

April 29th, 2013

ImmunoReagents, the global manufacturer of high quality antibody products to the diagnostic and research industry, has entered into a non-exclusive in-licensing deal to use Expedeon (Cambridge, UK) Lightning-Link® technology for commercial purposes. Through the commercialisation deal, ImmunoReagents will utilise Innova’s technology for the manufacture of antibody conjugates, taking advantage of the very rapid Lightning Link…


Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer: a beginner’s guide

April 17th, 2013

**This webinar was produced by Innova Biosciences which is now fully integrated with our sister company, Expedeon Ltd., and have taken the Expedeon Ltd name and logo.   FRET, or Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer, is a powerful technique dependent on the distance dependent transfer of energy from a donor molecule…