How and when to use the thiol conjugation approach: an introductory guide

December 13th, 2016

A traditional method for linking proteins to molecules relies on the formation of a stable covalent bond between thiol (R-SH) and maleimide groups. When these functional groups are positioned on separate biomolecules (A & B) a hybrid conjugate AB (but not AA or BB) will form. Despite other systems of conjugation being available (for instance,…

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles reference

New Reference – InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles

December 6th, 2016

Our InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles and conjugation kits have been recently published! Introduction Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, necessary for a variety of cellular functions such as DNA synthesis and normal blood formation. Low levels of vitamin B12 are mainly caused by low consumption of meat, fish and dairy products. Commercially available kits for diagnostic…