Antibody purification kit selection

Expedeon specializes in easy to use bioconjugation kits which enable the direct labeling of antibodies or proteins with enzymes, fluorescent labels, biotin, streptavidin, gold nanoparticles, latex beads or oligonucleotides. Unfortunately, many antibodies are provided in buffers which contain additives that are incompatible with labeling technologies, making purification a key consideration prior to carrying out any conjugation reaction. With this in mind, we have developed a range of purification kits that complement our labeling technologies.

AbSelect™ purification kit range – compatible with Lightning-Link® and Thunder-Link® PLUS conjugation kits.

AbPure™ purification kit range – compatible with InnovaCoat® GOLD, Latex and Europium conjugation kits.

AbPure™ Magnetic Purification System – compatible with all our bioconjugation kits.

Our purification kits share a number of key advantages:

Compatibility with our bioconjugation kits

  • Quick and easy to use
  • High levels of antibody recovery
  • No specialist equipment required
  • Fully scalable

By combining the appropriate antibody purification kit with the chosen conjugation kit, it is possible to directly label an antibody quickly and easily irrespective of its starting formulation.

To aid in this selection, we have created decision diagrams based on the most common buffer formulations which are found in the commercial marketplace:

AbSelect™ decision diagram
AbPure™ decision diagram
Latex & Europium decision diagram

You may also wish to read our Antibody Purification Guide.

The following table provides an overview of our range of antibody purification kits:

Thunder-Link® PLUS
InnovaCoat® GOLD,
Latex conjugation kits &
Europium conjugation kits
Antibody Concentration and Clean Up KitsAbSelect™ Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit
For InnovaCoat® GOLD: AbPure™ Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit

For Latex & Europium: Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit for Latex & Europium
BSA Removal KitsAbSelect™ BSA Removal Kit
AbPure™ BSA Removal Kit
AbPure™ Magnetic Purification KitAbPure™ Magnetic Purification Kit
AbPure™ Magnetic Purification Kit
Tissue Culture Supernatant (TCS) Purification SystemsAbSelect™ TCS Antibody Purification System

AbSelect™ Mouse TCS Antibody Purification System

AbSelect™ Rat TCS Antibody Purification System
AbPure™ TCS Antibody Purification System
Serum Purification SystemsAbSelect™ Serum Antibody Purification System

AbSelect™ G Serum Antibody Purification System
AbSelect™ and AbPure™ Antibody Purification SystemsAbSelect™ Antibody Purification System

AbSelect™ G Antibody Purification System

AbSelect™ Mouse Antibody Purification System
AbPure™ Antibody Purification System

AbPure™ Mouse Antibody Purification System

Antonio Galiana

Good company for antibody labeling and purification.

Will Michaels

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RunBlue™ TEO-Tricine SDS Mini Gels

Swapping to the TEO-Tricine gradient gels has allowed me to visualise the cleavage of a small peptide from a large MBP tag - whilst maintaining…

Evgeny Mymrikov

InstantBlue™ Protein Stain

InstantBlue™ Protein Stain

InstantBlue is a good time-saving alternative to our self-made stain. Protein bands are visible already after 10 min incubation and after 1h it is complete.…


Lightning-Link® Rapid FluoProbes647H

Lightning-Link® Rapid FluoProbes647H

This kit was very easy to use, and the process of labeling my antibodies is quick. Because I used commercially purchased antibodies, I first had…


I usually get a same day reply via email with either the ordering team or technical support. The advice from the technical support is very…

G Hassall

RunBlue™ Prestained Protein Markers

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Penny Hood

InstantBlue™ Protein Stain

InstantBlue™ Protein Stain

We use InstantBlue in teh teaching labs to stain student gets. It has proved to be really robust and hassel free giving fast, sensitive adn…

Bhushan Toley

40nm Streptavidin Gold Conjugate (10OD)

40nm Streptavidin Gold Conjugate (10OD)

The product streptavidin-coated gold nanoparticle with Innova coat is very good for lateral flow assays and would highly recommend the same.




Excellent for 1-25 ug/ml microplate tests. Ready to use - doesn't require sample or reagent dilution. Produces reliable results.