Improving the Utility of Immuno-PCR Assays

Immuno-PCR combines the advantages of ELISA and PCR to offer a powerful method used for the detection of small quantities of a protein. Despite demonstrating greater sensitivity than ELISA, immuno-PCR is still not widely used, a result of the complexity associated with the conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides.

Read our article published in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology NewsImproving the Utility of Immuno-PCR Assays – to find out more about immuno-PCR and how to overcome the issues associated with antibody-oligonucleotide conjugation.

This article covers:

  • Standard Immuno-PCR Process & Comparison with standard ELISA
  • Improved Process
  • Applications of Antibody-Oligonucleotide Conjugates


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