Using Lightning-Link® conjugates for Immunocytochemistry

Using Lightning-Link® conjugates for Immunocytochemistry – references

Directly labeling primary antibodies using Lightning-Link® kits produces conjugates that can be used in a variety of scientific applications. Take a look at some of the published research in the table below that has used Lightning-Link® technology to produce conjugates for use within Immunocytochemistry…

TitlePubmed IDLabelDateJournal
Autophagy is involved in the early step of Japanese encephalitis virus infection21946213Lightning-Link® Atto 4882011Microbes and Infection
ARL4A acts with GCC185 to modulate Golgi complex organization22159419Lightning-Link® Fluorescein2011Journal of Cell Science
Cytosolic DNA Triggers Inflammasome Activation in Keratinocytes in Psoriatic Lesions21562230Lightning-Link® Rhodamine2011Science Translational Medicine
Rotavirus Viroplasm Fusion and Perinuclear Localization Are Dynamic Processes Requiring Stabilized Microtubules23110139Lightning-Link® Atto 4882012PloS One
S100A1 and S100B Expression Patterns Identify Differentiation Status of Human Articular Chondrocytes24402969Lightning-Link® Allophycocyanin2013Journal of Cellular Physiology
Gcse, a Novel Germ-Cell-Specific Gene, Is Differentially Expressed During Meiosis and Gametogenesis23456662Lightning-Link® Atto 4882013Reproductive Sciences
Gamete Therapeutics: Recombinant Protein Adsorption by Sperm for Increasing Fertility via Artificial Insemination23762288Lightning-Link® Fluorescein2013PLoS One
Characterization of Protein and Peptide Binding to Nanogels Formed by Differently Charged Chitosan Derivatives23823877Lightning-Link® Fluorescein2013Molecules
Comparative reactivity of human IgE to cynomolgus monkey and human effector cells and effects on IgE effector cell potency24492303Lightning-Link® RPE2014Landes Bioscience
CD200 Receptor Restriction of Myeloid Cell Responses Antagonizes Antiviral Immunity and Facilitates Cytomegalovirus Persistence within Mucosal Tissue25654642Lightning-Link® Allophycocyanin2015PLoS Pathogens
Purinosome formation as a function of the cell cycle25605889Lightning-Link® Atto 488, Lightning-Link® Cy32015PNAS
Quantitative Analysis of Purine Nucleotides Indicates Purinosomes Increase de Novo Purine Biosynthesis25605736Lightning-Link® Atto 488, Lightning-Link® Cy32015The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Micropatterned coculture of hepatocytes on electrospun fibers as a potential in vitro model for predictive drug metabolism27040241Lightning-Link® AMCA2016Materials Science and Engineering
Detyrosinated microtubules buckle and bear load in contracting cardiomyocytes27102488Lightning-Link® Rapid Atto5652016Science
β-glucans are Masked but Contribute to Pulmonary Inflammation During Pneumocystis Pneumonia27324243Lightning-Link® Biotin, Lightning-Link® Fluoprobes 5942016The Journal of Infectious Diseases



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