ATP Agarose and ATPase Assay Kit Reference

Our ATP agarose and ATPase assay kit have been published in Nature!

In this paper, the authors investigate the role played by the chaperone Hsp70 in protein refolding and degradation; a cellular event triggered under proteotoxic stress-conditions. More specifically, they elucidate how the Hsp70 switch mode of action is mediated by ARD1 acetylation activity, which regulates Hsp70 competitive binding of Hop and CHIP to form a complex, respectively for protein refolding and degradation.

In order to show the requirement of Hsp70 acetylation at K77 for its protein-refolding activity, the authors relied on the ATPase detection assay to demonstrate how the ARD1-mediated acetylation at K77 enhanced the ATPase activity and ATP-binding affinity of Hsp70 and therefore proving the Hsp70 ATPase enzymatic identity.

The authors conclude that post-translational modifications represent a cellular switch to dynamically control protein functions; the initial and prompt acetylation at K77 leads Hsp70 to protein refolding, while a gradual deacetylation leads to protein degradation at later stages of Hsp70 activation after a stress induced-response. Read more…

Innova’s unique ATP agarose

Our ATP Agarose is unique due to the orientation of the nucleotide on the resin. The nucleotide is covalently attached via the terminal phosphate group which protects the ATP from phosphatase attack and makes the resin extremely stable. More benefits include:

  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Extremely stable
  • Flexible, they can be used in column chromatography and batch processing
  • Consistent from batch-to-batch
  • We have 20 publications citing the successful use of our ATP Agarose. View the full list of references here.

More about Innova’s ATPase assay kits

This non radioactive colorimetric ATPase assay kit contains all the necessary reagents for measuring enzyme activity and is ideal for high throughput drug screening.

  • Presence of PiColorLock™ to prevent backgrounds
  • A 96-well plate format with all the reagents supplied for ATPase detection
  • Presence of an accelerator that reduces the incubation time to 30 min
  • Flexible to be used with other non-phosphate containing buffer
  • Non radioactive colorimetric assay

We have many publications citing our ATPase kits. View the full list of references here.

We have also developed a GTP Agarose affinity resin to bind and isolate GTP binding proteins and a colometric GTPase assay kit for the detection of GTPase activity.

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