Using InnovaCoat® GOLD in your assay – references

The use of ultra-pure gold nanoparticles such as InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugation kits produces highly stable conjugates that can be used in a variety of scientific applications. Take a look at some of the published research in the table below that has used InnovaCoat® GOLD technology to produce antibody:nanoparticle conjugates for use in a variety of scientific applications…

TitlePubmed IDLabelDateJournalApplication
Cellulose-Based Diagnostic Devices for Diagnosing Serotype-2 Dengue Fever in Human Serum23843297InnovaCoat® GOLD (40nm)2013Advanced Healthcare MaterialsLateral Flow Assay
Trafficking of gold nanoparticles coated with the 8D3 anti-transferrin receptor antibody at the mouse blood-brain barrier26440359InnovaCoat® GOLD (20nm)2015Molecular PharmaceuticsTEM
Immobilizing affinity proteins to nitrocellulose: a toolbox for paper-based assay developers26427504InnovaCoat® GOLD (40nm)2015Analytical and Bioanalytical ChemistryImmobilization of protein-based affinity reagents to nitrocellulose membranes
Detection of Shiga Toxins by Lateral Flow Assay25855129InnovaCoat® GOLD (40nm)2015ToxinsLateral Flow Assay
Enhanced Sensitivity for Detection of HIV-1 p24 Antigen by a Novel Nuclease-Linked Fluorescence Oligonucleotide Assay25915630InnovaCoat® GOLD Streptavidin2015PLoS OneNuclease-linked fluorescence oligonucleotide assay
Interferometric scattering microscopy and its combination with single-molecule fluorescence imaging26938114InnovaCoat® GOLD (40nm)and InnovaCoat GOLD Streptavidin2016Nature ProtocolsInterferometric scattering microscopy
Lateral flow-based antibody testing for Chlamydia trachomatis27208400InnovaCoat® GOLD2016J. Immunological MethodsLateral Flow Assay
NutriPhone: a mobile platform for low-cost point-of-care quantification of vitamin B12 concentrations27301282InnovaCoat® GOLD (40nm)2016Nature Scientific ReportsLateral Flow Assay
A rapid, instrument-free, sample-to-result nucleic acid amplification test27549897InnovaCoat® GOLD Streptavidin2016Lab on a ChipNucleic Acid Amplification
Comparing nucleic acid lateral flow and electrochemical genosensing for the simultaneous detection of foodborne pathogens27599431InnovaCoat® GOLD Streptavidin2016Biosensors and BioelectronicsLateral Flow Assay
Autophagy-related proteins are functionally active in human spermatozoa and may be involved in the regulation of cell survival and motility27633131InnovaCoat® GOLD Goat anti-Rabbit IgG Gold Conjugate2016Nature Scientific ReportsTEM