Using Lightning-Link® conjugates for Western Blot

Using Lightning-Link® conjugates for Western blot – references

Directly labeling primary antibodies using Lightning-Link® kits produces conjugates that can be used in a variety of scientific applications. Take a look at some of the published research in the table below that has used Lightning-Link® technology to produce conjugates for use within Western Blot…

TitlePubmed IDLabelDateJournal
Purification and Characterization of Shiga Toxin 2f, an Immunologically Unrelated Subtype of Shiga Toxin 223555772Lightning-Link® HRP2013PLoS One
A novel interaction of ECD protein with R2TP complex component RUVBL1 is required for the functional role of ECD in cell cycle progression26711270Lightning-Link® HRP2015Molecular and Cellular Biology
T47D Cells Expressing Myeloperoxidase Are Able to Process, Traffic and Store the Mature Protein in Lysosomes: Studies in T47D Cells Reveal a Role for Cys319 in MPO Biosynthesis that Precedes Its Known Role in Inter-Molecular Disulfide Bond Formation26890638Lightning-Link® HRP2016PLoS One
CD71 targeting boosts immunogenicity of sublingually delivered influenza haemagglutinin antigen and protects against viral challenge in mice27094605Lightning-Link® Streptavidin2016Journal of Controlled Release
Intra- and trans-cellular delivery of enzymes by direct conjugation with non-multivalent anti-ICAM molecules27473764Lightning-Link® HRP2016Journal of Controlled Release