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Our Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® GOLD, and Expedeon products have been specifically designed to deliver a faster, more reliable Western blot. The Lightning-Link® antibody conjugation kits and the InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles conjugation kits help researchers to avoid time-consuming secondary antibody incubation steps which may introduce background staining. Both product ranges take advantage of our proprietary conjugation technology to label primary antibodies easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Lightning-Link® include:

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no special knowledge required
  • No separation steps 100% recovery – No antibody/protein loss
  • Flexible – Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Long shelf-life – Freeze-dried & shipped at ambient temperature
  • Fully scalable (10ug to 1g or more) – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
  • Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality & excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • A large number of labels available – Experimental flexibility
  • Reliable: nearly 300 references – Successfully used in many fields of research

Benefits of InnovaCoat® GOLD include:

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no special knowledge required
  • Flexible – Different nanoparticle sizes, concentrations, and chemistries available
  • Long shelf-life – Freeze-dried & shipped at ambient temperature
  • Fully scalable – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
  • Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality & excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Proprietary surface coating – Covalent bond & stable conjugates formed
  • Covalent conjugation uses significantly less antibody than passive conjugation – Save precious antibody
  • Uniform spherical shape and narrow size distribution – Batch-to-batch consistency

Optimize your Western blot with high quality protein gels, 15 minutes incubation time Coomassie protein stain solutions, and band enhancers of antibody tagged with HRP labels with Expedion product ranges.

Benefits of Expedeon products include:

LumiBlue ECL solutions are designed for Western blotting applications where antibodies are tagged with Horseradish Peroxidase. LumiBlue ECL Solutions use patented enhancers to produce bright, reliable bands on Western Blots for identification and quantification of specific proteins. The LumiBlue ECL range has been designed to match any existing ECL kit with little to no difference in protocol and have been tuned for a range of antibody dilutions and protein concentrations. Request your FREE SAMPLE!

  • Linear Response -Stable signal over range of protein concentrations
  • Stable solution – Working solutions usable for up to 5 days (LumiBlue ECL Express)
  • Long lasting signal – Perform multiple exposures with less signal loss
  • Use less Antibody – High sensitivity results with lower antibody concentration
  • Low Background – Lower backgrounds regardless of detection method etc.

Unique Technology

Enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) kits are based on the enzymatic oxidation of luminol with peroxide which produces light, usually through horseradish peroxidase (HRP). LumiBlue uses a patented next-generation electron mediator coupled with a novel acylation catalyst to improve performance (called enhancers). These unique modifications combination to the ECL process increases reaction efficiency which results in increased light intensity and less signal decay.

Stripping Buffer

Western blot stripping buffer comes as a ready-to-use solution which allows both primary and secondary antibodies to be removed from nitrocellulose/PVDF to allow re-probing of membranes with different antibodies

  • Fast-stripping of most Antibodies
  • Does not damage proteins on blots
  • Saves sample by re-probing

Protein Marker

RunBlue prestained markers enable easy visualization of the marker proteins. The markers can be used to estimate the molecular weight of your protein of interest and assess the transfer efficiency during blotting.

Expedeon offers two types of prestained molecular weight markers – Tri color and Dual color

Bis-Tris Protein Gels have been developed by Expedeon to provide an alternative to NuPAGE® Bis-Tris gels. RunBlue Bis-Tris Protein gels run with the same voltages and times, in the same tanks, using the same MES/MOPS buffers as NuPAGE® Bis-Tris gels and achieve highly comparable results with exceptional reproducibility. RunBlue Bis-Tris Protein Gels also benefit from the usability enhancements present in all RunBlue gels such as comb/strip free design and tear proof composition. 50% off on your first box ordered.

  • Standard Bis-Tris Protocol – Fast run times at 200V
  • Neutral running pH -Sharp bands and high protein integrity
  • Unique homogeneous polymerization – Increased consistency and no residual
    free acrylamide
  • Extra Wells – Run up to 12 or 17 samples simultaneously
  • Deep and wide wells – Load up to 17 well
  • Protruding teeth – No well contamination in case of overloading

RunBlue FAST Blotting Buffer

RunBlue FAST Blotting Buffer increase the transfer speed of Western Blots without excessive heat generation that affects proteins.

  • Reduce blotting time by up to 60%
  • Smaller protein transfer in less than 10 minutes and larger protein in only 15 minutes


Supplementary information for Western blot

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