Antibody Micro-optimization Service

Optimizing your antibody conjugates can be time consuming and difficult and can require significant amounts of antibody and label. Expedeon’s Antibody Micro-optimization Service is a fast and efficient way to optimize your antibody conjugates using very small quantities of antibody.

Our Lightning-Link® Conjugation Kits enable scientists to generate high quality conjugates with only 30 seconds hands on time. However, for those scientists that require that little bit extra performance, be it greater sensitivity or lower background, our micro-optimization service may well be the answer.

The conjugation service is performed by our experienced conjugation scientists here at Expedeon. They use a combination of proprietary and traditional conjugation techniques to generate a range of different conjugates for you to test in your chosen application.

Benefits of this Service Include:

  • A choice of three different scales of conjugate 50ug, 100ug and 500ug
  • Over 30 different labels available including enzymes, fluorescent dyes, fluorescent proteins and tandem labels*
  • Antibody clean-up prior to conjugation
  • Level of conjugation controlled by a variety of parameters unique to Expedeon
  • Evidence of successful conjugation provided
  • Scalable
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reproducible
  • Full technical support.

*Applicable to other proteins *A full list of available labels is available on request.

What’s Included?

  • Six different conjugates at the chosen scale
  • Antibody clean-up prior to conjugation
  • Proof of successful conjugation
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Full technical support.

Furthermore if you need to perform multiple conjugations there is the option to convert your favored formulation to a bespoke Lightning-Link DIY kit!

We can make your life even easier by supplying and purifying your antibody if required.

Example Data

Altering the conjugation chemistry can generate different conjugates with completely different properties. In our micro-optimization service, we exploit changes in conjugation pH, molar ratios and antibody activation to generate a range of conjugates with different properties, which could potentially include decreased background, an increase in signal or improved sensitivity.

In the example data below, the micro-optimization service has been used to generate a variety of antibody / R-PE conjugates. The conjugates have been tested in a plate assay using Protein G as the capture molecule. The six conjugates demonstrate a range of different performances and the rank order of conjugate performance will alter with different antibodies and different applications.

Once chosen all formations are available in bulk quantities.

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