Colloidal Gold

At Expedeon we use specialized techniques that enable the production of extremely uniform spherical particles with a very narrow size distribution, minimizing variability within your assay.  Using our proprietary production protocols we can very quickly produce large quantities of gold nanoparticles, without compromising on quality and passing on the savings to you.

Why choose our gold?

We can supply any of our colloidal gold in quantities to suit your research and manufacturing needs. Our bulk products have the same high level of performance and quality as our off-the-shelf products only on a larger scale.

✓  Uniform spherical shape

✓  Narrow size distribution

✓  Ultra high quality

✓  Batch-to-batch consistency

✓  Available at high concentrations to simplify assay development

✓  Available in bulk quantities

Expedeon’s gold nanoparticle production process allows particularly tight control of shape, completely preventing the formation of irregular structures seen in all other commercial products (Fig 1). Our colloidal gold is superior when compared in a lateral flow assay against uncoated gold from a leading supplier (Fig 2).


Expedeon colloidal gold versus competitor gold nanoparticles

Figure 1. Transmission electron microscopy of commercially available gold particles. Note that the Expedeon particles (bottom right) have the most regular shape.

gold nanoparticle lateral flow data

Figure 2. Lateral flow testing of two CRP antibodies (C5 and C7) as passive conjugates. Note that Expedeon’s gold nanoparticles give a greater signal than a leading competitor’s gold in each case.


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