AbPure™ BSA removal kit FAQs

Q1. How much BSA can the AbPure BSA Removal Kit remove?

This 1ml kit can remove all of the BSA from up to 1.25ml of antibody, with a BSA concentration of 0.5% or less. For higher BSA concentrations, the method may need to be repeated, or a higher volume of BSA Removal Buffer may be required. Larger kit sizes could be provided if this is the case (see Q2).

Q2. Are larger pack sizes available?

Yes, specific pack sizes are available on request. Please contact our Technical Support Team for advice on specific pack sizes.

Q3. Can the AbPure BSA Removal Kit remove gelatin from my sample?

No, the kit is specifically designed for the removal of BSA. It is effective on some other buffers (see Q4), but is not effective on gelatin.

Q4. Could I use the AbPure BSA Removal Kit to remove Tris or Glycine from my antibody?

Yes, the kit will effectively separate the antibody in this situation. See section 5: Buffer composition for more information on suitable buffers for use with the kit.

Q5. Can the kit be used to purify antibody from TCS or serum?

No, the kit is not specific enough to the antibody to be used as a purification technique in this instance.

Q6. Can the AbPure BSA Removal Kit be used to concentrate a sample?

Yes, once the separation is complete, the antibody pellet can be recovered using any volume, to reach the desired final concentration.

Q7. Could the kit have any negative impact on the conjugation efficiency?

No, AbPure BSA Removal kit has no negative effects on conjugation using our InnovaCoat® GOLD, Latex or Europium Conjugation Kits.

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