CovCheck Multiplex FAQs

  1. Can I use the amplified DNA obtained with CovCheck to prepare NGS libraries?

    The amplification products obtained with the CovCheck™ are not suitable to prepare libraries. The idea is to spend part of your amplified DNA to check the quality with CovCheck™ and then use the rest to prepare the library for any sequencing platform.

  2. Is CovCheck suitable to amplify transcriptome samples?

    The CovCheck™ kits are not suitable to check the quality of transcriptome samples, since most of the amplicons are located completely or partially outside exons.

  3. Does CovCheck serve to compare the genome by chromosome between one sample and another and to later extract the band of interest and to sequence it ?

    No, the amplification products are not designed to do anything else apart from checking the presence or absence of them.

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