GST Tag Check&Go! FAQS

Can I use re-use the GST Tag Check&Go! strips?

No, as the GST Tag Check&Go! strips are designed for single use only.

Can I use the GST Tag Check&Go! strips to quantify my GST tagged protein?

The GST Tag Check&Go! strips provide a qualitative yes / no answer, although a semi-quantitative measurement of the abundance of protein in the sample can be determined using internal references and controls.

I have accidentally stored the GST Tag Check&Go! strips at room temperature instead of +4°C, can I still use them?

Yes, you can – the GST Tag Check&Go! strips are shipped at ambient temperature and storage at room temperature for a short time will not affect the performance of the kit. The expiry date is 2 years for the strips and 3 years for the buffer.

I don’t see the Test line on the GST Tag Check&Go! strip – what should I do?

If the Test (T) line does not appear, but the Control (C) line is clearly visible, it means that your sample may not contain GST tagged protein or may be out of the detection range. To confirm the result, ensure your sample is within the optimal concentration range (100ng/ml – 1µg/ml) and re-test. If you are unsure of your sample concentration, perform serial 1:10 dilutions and check each dilution.

My sample is not running – what should I do?

Make sure that the conjugate pad and the nitrocellulose are making physical contact with a pipette tip or by gently bending the GST Tag Check&Go! strip.

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