His-Tag Check&Go! FAQs

Can I use re-use the His-Tag Check&Go! strips?
No, as the His-Tag Check&Go! strips are designed for single use only.

Can I use the His-Tag Check&Go! strips to quantify my His-tagged protein?
The His-Tag Check&Go! strips provide a qualitative yes / no answer, although a semi-quantitative measurement of the abundance of protein in the sample can be determined using internal references and controls.

I have accidentally stored the His-Tag Check&Go! strips at room temperature instead of +4°C, can I still use them?
Yes, you can – the His-Tag Check&Go! strips are shipped at ambient temperature and storage at room temperature for a short time will not affect the performance of the kit. The expiry date is 2 years for the strips and 3 years for the buffer.

I don’t see the Test line on the His-Tag Check&Go! strip – what should I do?
If the Test (T) line does not appear, but the Control (C) line is clearly visible, it means that your sample contains plenty of His-tagged protein. To confirm the result, dilute your sample further until the T line appears.

My sample is not running – what should I do?
Make sure that the conjugate pad and the nitrocellulose are making physical contact with a pipette tip or by gently bending the His-Tag Check&Go! strip.