InnovaCoat® GOLD FAQs

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles which covalently binds antibodies to form highly stable conjugates

1. What is different about InnovaCoat® GOLD?

InnovaCoat® GOLD products are ‘conjugation friendly’ nanoparticles with a proprietary surface coat that greatly enhances gold stability and permits easy covalent attachment of a variety of molecules, including antibodies, analytes and other biomolecules.

2. Which different products are available within the InnovaCoat® range?

The InnovaCoat® range currently consists of the following products:

Gold nanoparticle conjugation kits: easy-to-use conjugation kits for conjugating antibodies or proteins to coated gold nanoparticles. The conjugation reaction is initiated simply by adding a solution of antibody to the freeze-dried powder; the hands-on time is 2 minutes and the conjugate is ready to use within 15 minutes.

In the case of immuno-gold conjugates, the antibody can be attached irreversibly without the need for extensive trials at different values of pH and/or salt concentration, as is typical of traditional ‘passive’ binding methods.

Carboxylated gold nanoparticles: a carboxylated derivative of our InnovaCoat® GOLD 40nm nanoparticles. This product enables the quick generation of highly stable gold-antibody conjugates at R&D and manufacturing scales

Conjugated gold nanoparticles: pre-conjugated gold nanoparticles manufactured using our InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles

3. What can I do if my antibody preparation contains interfering substances?

If your antibody buffer is not compatible with our kits, we have developed the AbPure antibody purification kit range that allows you to quickly and simply purify your antibody and is fully compatible with InnovaCoat® GOLD.

Please consult the kit protocols to see the antibody amount/volume suitable for each kit.

4. Does the antibody bind to the metal surface?

No. The protective surface coat completely shields the metal surface and prevents direct metal-antibody interactions. For this reason, you cannot use InnovaCoat GOLD for passive conjugation of antibodies.

5. Can antibodies from different species be used?

Yes, the InnovaCoat system has been tested with antibodies from a variety of species including mouse, rabbit, goat and sheep.

6. What type of linkage to gold is formed?

The antibody becomes covalently and irreversibly attached via lysine residues to the InnovaCoat surface.

7. Can antibody fragments be conjugated?

Yes. One of the advantages of the protective coat is that it is less likely than a bare metal surface to cause denaturation and loss of affinity of the antibody fragments.

8. What if I need bulk material?

The InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugation kit is a convenience product for rapid production of small quantities of conjugate for screening purposes. Bulk quantities of InnovaCoat GOLD can be provided in a variety of formats.

The InnovaCoat® GOLD-Carboxyl nanoparticles enable customers to quickly generate highly stable covalent gold-antibody conjugates at R&D and manufacturing scales.

Please get in touch for more information on bulk quantities of these products.

9. Is the kit suitable for conjugating analytes and other small molecules?

Yes, but please contact Innova technical services. Depending on the functional groups on your analyte you may need a different type of surface or different chemistry for optimal results.

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