PiColorLock Phosphate Detection System FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PiColorLock Phosphate Detection System

I have a high background in my ATPase assay and I definitely do not have free phosphate in my sample…

This is almost always due to inadequate mixing of the special stabiliser with the sample and detection reagent. Make sure the stabiliser is pipetted up and down several times to ensure thorough mixing.

I would like to measure the conversion of pyrophosphate to phosphate. Can I use the PiColorLock Phosphate Detection System for this purpose?

Yes, only the phosphate will give a signal; pyrophosphate will not.

I have 5% DMSO in my assay. Can I use PiColorLock?

Yes, the reagent is designed for drug screening work and other situations that require DMSO.

I have phosphate in my enzyme. What can I do?

You can dialyse or desalt the enzyme into a phosphate-free buffer. Alternatively, you can use a special resin (PiBind) to remove the phosphate.

Which reagents does the PiColorLock Phosphate Detection System contain?

Reagent Product Code: 303-0030 Product Code: 303-0125
PiColorLock 30ml 125ml
Stabilizer 27.5ml 55ml
Accelerator 1ml 2ml
Phosphate Standard 5ml 11ml

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