RunBlue Bis-Tris FAQs

  1. Do you know why the gel took 3 hours to run half way?

    Check whether the appropriate running buffer to separate the proteins is used. Expedeon Bis-tris gels, along with the NuPAGE gels, need MES or MOPS running buffer to separate the proteins. They allow proteins to run slower.

  2. Are Expedeon Bis Tris gels larger than NuPage gels and if so by how much?

    Expedeon Bis Tris gels: the cassette dimensions are 10x10cm, but the gel is 8.4 cm (l) x 8.5 (w) – this is from the top of the fingers to bottom of gel.
    NuPage gels: 8 cm × 8 cm, the cassette size is 10 cm × 10 cm (Source: Thermo Fisher Technical Support)
    Whilst NuPage gels are 10×10 cm with the slot at the back where you remove the tape you actually only have 9×10 cm of usable space. Hence using 9×10 cm as the dimensions for our gel to give an equivalent product.

  3. Is there anything they need to do in their end to prevent the smiley effect (frowning bands)?

    If you ran this gel in the same tank/at the same time as a NuPAGE Gel, there can be negative effects on our gel. If you ran it separate, you have to just add more buffer to the outside to insulate it. The higher temp, the worse the gel and more buffer prevents temperature fluctuation.

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