Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit FAQs

1. Can I use the kit for a competitive assay?

The Universal Lateral Flow Assay kit is not suitable for competitive assays or LFA based on nucleic acids.

2. What should I do if my sample contains biotin?

If your sample contains biotin the signal intensity on the T line won’t be affected; however, the control line may be less intense: we suggest loading more concentrated InnovaCoat-GOLD® biotin (keep the volumes the same) or, if possible, diluting your sample.

3. How can I check that my antibody conjugation reactions are successful?

There is no simple way to test your Ulfa-Tag antibody conjugate, you’ll have to test in your assay varying the concentration suggested in the protocol; you can test your 40nm IC-GOLD conjugate on our Conjugate Check&Go! Kit.

4. Do I need a wash or desalt step?

One of the advantages of the Lighting- Link® technology compared to traditional labeling methods is that conjugate purification is not required. The Lightning-Link® reactions are highly efficient, and the kits have been optimized so that, provided the protocols are followed, there should be only a very low amount of free label left at the end of the conjugation.
We recommend washing the particles adding 10 times the volume of the InnovaCoat® GOLD quencher diluted 1:10 in water to the conjugate (i.e. 1ml 1:10 diluted quencher to 100μl of conjugate) and then centrifuge it in a microfuge at:  9,000g 10 minutes (40,60 and 80nm gold conjugates)

5. How do I measure the particles that are bound to the T line and C line?

This depends on what you want to achieve from the lateral flow assay, and the resources that you have available. A qualitative readout is cost-effective, requiring only a visual assessment, and for this we have provided a score card. A quantitative readout is more expensive, requiring the use of a LFA strip reader. There are plenty of these devices on the market, with the price reflecting the level of sophistication. A LFA strip reader will allow you to create a calibration curve, and will provide reproducible and accurate measurements.

6. What type of linkage to gold is formed?

The antibody becomes covalently and irreversibly attached via lysine residues to the InnovaCoat® surface.

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