Antibody Manufacturing Guide

Expedeon provide antibody manufacturers with the unique opportunity to rapidly increase their antibody conjugates catalogue whilst avoiding the difficulties presented by the need to hold large inventories of items that do not have any sales history. Our Virtual Library concept can easily enhance your custom antibody conjugate offering as well as streamline commercial processes.

Quick Turnaround

Our most streamlined Virtual Library solution has the capability to enable a 1–2 hour operational turnaround with 30 seconds hands on time for each stage, from receipt of order of goods to your customers and invoicing / payment.

I have worked closely with the Lightning-Link product range for a number of years, and have at first hand experienced how much it can streamline an antibody manufacturers internal processes for delivering conjugated antibodies to their customer base. By incorporating the Lightning-Link range antibody manufacturers are able to dramatically increase their antibody catalogue without the traditional issues of upfront stocking, waste, variability, or inhibitory lead times. Working with Lightning-Link is a great way to increase your offering to existing customer base, as well as opening up new markets and I encourage my network to adopt this solution
Tim Bernard, CEO, Pivotal Scientific, Former CEO AbD Serotec

How Can This Virtual Library Help You?

• A complete virtual model
• Avoid expensive inventory costs with flexible in-house stocking of kits and reagents
• Custom kit manufacturing integrated within your internal processes and customer demand
• Supply and License Agreement to guarantee supply of materials from Expedeon
• 100% yield: minimize waste, maximize ROI and much more.

We also offer a range of custom labeling and assay development services.

Expedeon is committed to working with you to develop a long term mutually beneficial and commercially successful relationship. We will identify your specific requirements, in all aspects of bioconjugation, and provide optimal technical and commercial solutions. To find out more, please contact us.

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