Enzyme Guides

Enzyme Unit Definitions and Assay Design

Download a Free Copy This guide explains key concepts such as ‘enzyme units’ and ‘enzyme activity’ in simple terms and discusses enzyme assay design and the importance of operating in the ‘linear range’. There are also some tips on setting up assay controls and subtracting blanks. This guide covers: Definitions of enzyme units What is…


Enzyme Conjugates for IVD Applications

Enzyme-antibody conjugates are key components of a variety of IVD products, including enzymelinked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits, lateral flow immunochromatographic devices, and kits based on immunohistochemistry and immunoblotting. The analyte of interest is detected by the antibody component of the conjugate, and measurability is provided by the enzyme. The assay signal is either proportional or…


PiColorLock™ detection reagent

The phosphate detection reagent, PiColorLock™, changes color in the presence of inorganic phosphate (Pi) and this property can be exploited to measure the activity of any enzyme that generates Pi. The reagent is applicable to a large number of enzymes including ATPases, GTPases, phosphatases, heat-shock proteins and DNA unwinding proteins. The unique formulation of PiColorLock™…