Latex & Europium Purification Decision-making Diagram

Download a PDF of the Purification flowchart here.

Our Latex & Europium conjugation kits require your antibody to be in 10-50mM MES, MOPS or HEPES pH 6-7 and free from additives such as Sodium Azide, BSA and Tris.

However, commercially available antibodies often contain substances that will interfere in labeling reactions using our Latex and Europium conjugation kits (see table below).



We have developed a range of purification kits which allow for easy and rapid purification of antibodies from almost any buffer formulation. All products are easy to use and are fully compatible with our Latex & Europium conjugation kits.


Benefits of our purification kits:

  • High recovery of material (~80-90%)
  • Easy to use (every kit contains all the components you need)
  • Simple scale-up
  • Custom size products available