Expedeon Develops Site-Specific Bioconjugation Technology

Expedeon, the inventor of the world’s easiest to use antibody labeling kits, is pleased to announce the launch of a site-specific bioconjugation technology for attaching antibodies to gold nanoparticles.

Innova’s core business is ‘bioconjugation’ – the joining of two molecules to form a hybrid ‘conjugate’. Conjugates are used in diagnostic tests in hospitals and research labs around the world and in consumer items such as pregnancy test kits. Traditional methods for producing gold conjugates do not provide any control over the orientation of antibodies on the surface of the gold, which may lead to poor performance. Innova’s latest conjugation kit, InnovaCoat® Gold-Hydrazide, allows antibodies to be conjugated via the Fc region, resulting in functional orientation on the nanoparticle surface and enhanced assay sensitivity.

Commenting on the launch of the new conjugation kit Dr Nick Gee, CEO of Expedeon said: “In clinical diagnostics and point-of-care testing there is a desire for more sensitive detection systems to achieve earlier diagnosis and better treatment outcomes, for the benefit of human and veterinary health. This new product combines InnovaCoat® gold nanoparticle stabilisation technology and antibody orientation technology to enhance the performance of antibody-based diagnostic reagents.”