VolitionRx to use Expedeon’ Biotin Technology in its Epigenetic Research Kits

In-licensing deal between VolitionRx and UK-based Expedeon helps drive development of novel cancer diagnostics

VolitionRx Limited (OTC: VNRX), a life sciences company focused on the development of blood-based diagnostic tests, has signed a non-exclusive in-licensing agreement with Expedeon, a specialist provider of bioconjugation systems, based in Cambridge, UK. Under the agreement, Expedeon will supply its Lightning-Link® Biotin technology for Volition’s NuQ® epigenetic profiling research kits. The addition of the Lightning-Link technology will help Volition to improve the accuracy of its test, whilst speeding up production of the research kits.

Volition will use Lightning-Link® for biotinylation of antibodies employed in its range of NuQ® ELISA kits available to researchers working in the fields of epigenetics and nucleosome research. Volition is also employing the Lightning-Link technology for development of Nucleosomics®-based clinical tests, including its first blood-based diagnostic test for colorectal cancer. The high yield and enhanced specificity offered by the Lightning-Link® system coupled with simplicity of use provide a significant advantage in the manufacture of Volition’s research and clinical assays.

Cancer diagnosis often requires a series of time consuming tests, with a diagnosis sometimes being made days after specimen removal. This in-licensing deal will assist the company in their development and manufacture of novel, easy to use diagnostic kits.

Dr Jake Micallef, CSO of VolitionRx, says: “We’ve been really impressed with Innova’s products. Their biotin kit is simple to use and proved more durable than many competitors’ kits, and we’ve seen significant improvements in reproducibility since we started to use them regularly. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Lightning-Link technology.”

Dr Andy Lane, Executive Director at Expedeon, said, “This deal is another perfect example of how Lightning-Link® is increasingly being used by innovative diagnostic companies like VolitionRx to both maximise R&D output and to simplify the manufacturing process.”

About VolitionRx

VolitionRx is a life sciences company whose goal is to make its non-invasive blood tests for cancer as common and simple to use as existing diabetic and cholesterol tests on similar formats. VolitionRx’s development activities are currently centered in Belgium with a focus on bringing its revolutionary diagnostic products to market first in Europe, then the U.S. and worldwide.

You can find more information about VolitionRX at our website at www.volitionrx.com, on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/VolitionRx,