ATPase & GTPase Assay Kits

Methods for measuring inorganic phosphate (Pi) using dyes such as Malachite Green are well known, however the dye–Pi complexes are prone to precipitation and the reagents are very acidic, which can lead to nonenzymatic hydrolysis of many phosphorylated substrates.

At the heart of Expedeon’s range of phosphate detection products is PiColorLockTM a unique phosphate detection reagent that overcomes these common issues. The formulation of PiColorLockTM affords enhanced assay linearity, dynamic range and color stability, and it is also possible to work with unstable substrates that give high nonenzymatic background signals with other acidic dye based detection reagents.

PiColorLockTM can be purchased singularly or as part of our ATPase and GTPase assay kits.

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