pIMAGO-Biotin For Western Blot HRP-based detection (ECL)

pIMAGO is a universal phosphoprotein detection technology, that is a universal and reliable alternative to phospho-antibodies for Western blot or ELISA, and a safe and cost effective alternative to 32P radioactive assays. It enables sensitive and specific recognition of phosphorylated molecules.

Unlike phospho-antibodies, the binding is not biased by amino acid sequence, and therefore can be used for detection of any phosphorylation event on any protein site. pIMAGO detection protocol resembles a simple Western Blot procedure and can be easily incorporated by any laboratory.



      • Universal Detection – Detection in any organism/sequence/amino acid through Ti4+.
      • High Specificity – Multiple Ti4+ ensure strong binding resisting harsh washing.
      • High Sensitivity – Multiple Biotin ensure significant signal amplification (100pg).
      • Multiplex Capability – Small size (4nm) allow multiplexing with total protein antibodies.
      • Flexibility – Avidin-HRP/ Fluor 550/Fluor 680/Fluor 800 available for detection.


Results and Data:

pIMAGO is based on water-soluble, globular nanopolymers (i.e., dendrimers) that are multi-functionalized with reactive groups (e.g., Ti(IV) ions) for the highly specific recognition of phosphate groups, and with ‘reporting’ groups (e.g., biotin, fluorophore) that facilitate their detection. Multiple functionalized groups per denrimer ensure very strong binding to the phosphoproteins (resulting in high specificity) and significant signal amplification from many “reporting” groups (resulting in high sensitivity).

pIMAGO analysis of 6 protein mixture (2 phosphoproteins) avidin-HRP or avidin-Fluor detection.

Avidin-HRP detection Avidin-Fluor680 detection
Amount of protein mix loaded (in ng) Amount of protein mix loaded (in ng)

pIMAGO analysis of in vitro kinase assays using avidin-HRP (left) or avidin-Fluor (right) detection.

JNK1-cJun kinase assay Cdk1-Rb kinase assay
pIMAGO α-cJun Overlay pIMAGO α-cJun Overlay

Cdk1-Cdc6 kinase assay



  • Phosphorylation detection by Western blot or dot-blot.
  • Phosphorylation detection by ELISA, micro plate assays.
  • In vitro kinase/phosphatase assays.
  • Kinase activity profiling/Inhibitor screening.
  • Detection of in vivo phosphorylation after IP.
  • Phospho array currently being investigated.

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