3 in 1 Flexicast Horizontal System With Power Supply

Flexicast Horizontal System for DNA and RNA Gel Electrophoresis

The 3 in 1 Flexicast system comes bundled with a 300v power supply, two adjustable height combs, continuously adjustable gel casters, platinum electrode cassettes among much more for the separation and identification of DNA and RNA fragments, PCR products and synthetic oligonucleotides.

Key Benefits of the Packages Include:

  • Three-year warranty on our high quality sturdy construction boasting 6.4mm thick UV
  • Two adjustable height polycarbonate combs
  • Platinum electrode cassettes provide rapid sample velocity and clear focused bands without smiling. These cassettes are easily removed for cleaning or replacement
  • Continuously Adjustable Caster is easy to use and adaptable to any gel tray between ≤16cm(w) and from 5.5–20cm(l). The gel tray friction fits between two rubber gaskets using a finger cam
  • Save on agarose expense by selecting the appropriate length gel tray for the application desired
  • All gel trays are winged for easy handling; no more sticking fingers into slippery buffer to extract gel tray
  • Made from sturdy 6.4mm thick UV transparent acrylic
  • Grooves in gel tray corners create agarose anchors to prevent gel flotation during electrophoresis
  • Gel tray configuration allows single run or multiple simultaneous short runs
  • Combs are printed with catalog # and thickness for easy identification.


Power Supply Features (EPS-300X)

  • Power supply has compact, light and stackable design
  • Universal input power supply accepts all domestic and international voltages
  • Compatible with most common power leads
  • Runs at constant volts (V) or current (mA)
  • Power output is controlled by setting a maximum value for voltage or current. The power supply automatically “crosses over” or switches the limiting parameter according to the programmed limits as the resistance of the electrical load changes during a run
  • Safety features include no load detection, sudden load change protection, over voltage protection and automatic power failure recovery.

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