TruePrime® Single Cell WGA Kit

For use with whole cells, where DNA has not yet been extracted from cells

TruePrime® Single Cell WGA Kit uses a novel and reliable method to achieve accurate genome amplification from single cells or fewer cells. Amplification of a few cells instead of one can improve total coverage breadth if your experimental design allows this.

TruePrime® Single Cell WGA Kit uses alkaline incubation to allow cell lysis and DNA denaturation of genomic DNA with very low DNA fragmentation. This results in amplified DNA with high integrity and fragment length, so that most of the sequences are uniformly represented.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Cell lysis buffer included – (if DNA already purified select the TruePrime® WGA kit instead)
  2. Primer-free method – TthPrimPol synthesizes the primers for Phi29 DNA polymerase
  3. No primer artefacts – No random extension of primer dimers
  4. Insensitive to external DNA contamination
  5. Works with all types of genomes
  6. Reduced amplification bias in genome coverage – reliable results
  7. Ideally suited for Next Generation Sequencing

Trueprime<sup>®</sup> Whole Genome Amplification process diagram” width=”336″ height=”394″ /></p>
<p><strong>TruePrime<sup>®</sup> technology</strong> uses a revolutionary novel multiple displacement amplification (MDA) method based on the combination of the recently discovered DNA primase “TthPrimPol” and the extremely processive and high-fidelity Phi29 DNA polymerase to amplify uniformly total genomic DNA either a single or a few cells. The extraordinary strand displacement capacity of the Phi29 DNA polymerase allows TthPrimPol to generate new primers on the displaced strands that are extended by Phi29 DNA pol, resulting in exponential isothermal DNA amplification.</p>
<p><img class=Description Cap color 25 reactions100 reactionsReaction BufferYellow1 x 140 μl 1 x 550 μlBuffer L1Red1 x 70 μl 1 x 250 μlDTTWhite1 x 50 μl 1 x 50 μlBuffer NTranslucent 1 x 70 μl 1 x 275 μldNTPsGreen 1 x 140 μl1 x 550 μlH2OBlue 1 x 1500 μl 2 x 1500 μlEnzyme 1Purple 1 x 140 μl 1 x 550 μlEnzyme 2Orange 1 x 20 μl 1 x 80 μlControl 1Amber 1 x 50 μl 1 x 50 μlControl 2Amber 1 x 50 μl 1 x 50 μl
Note : Product Codes 351025 and 351100 have replaced the previous product codes 350025 and 350100 as we are now manufacturing and distributing this new and improved version of the kit.


Grant Information

Excellent overall mapping data for TruePrime®-amplified DNA, closest to non-amplified DNA coverage reached.


TruePrime<sup>®</sup> WGA reproducbility data” width=”600″ height=”297″ /></p>
<p>Single Hek293 cells were amplified with different MDA-type single cell amplification methods and coverage compared to the theoretically possible coverage (Poisson) and the coverage in non-amplified DNA from the same Hek293 population. Exactly 12 mio read pairs were mapped to the human genome. Coverage graph for chromosome 3 depicting differences in evenness of coverage between the methods. Note the extreme similarity between nonamplified and TruePrime®.</p>
<p><img class=

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