Liquid Biopsy Cell Free DNA Amplification Kits

What is Liquid Biopsy?

Liquid biopsy is a noninvasive method of collecting samples, whereby bodily fluids, e.g. blood or CSF, are used for early detection and monitoring of diseases such as cancer. Cancerous cells and cell free DNA are shed into the blood from various sources within the body, making results generated using this method more representative than traditional tissue or tumor biopsy methods, which target specific sections of specific organs at specific times.

Liquid biopsies also enable doctors to collect samples more regularly, as the procedure is noninvasive, less traumatic and does not involve any recovery time. This allows better monitoring of treatment efficiency as well as screening for disease relapse or progression markers.

Tissue Biopsies

Traditional methods such as tissue biopsies offer a plethora of information on the status of the organ being sampled. However, diagnostic techniques such as gene mutation (like EGFR mutations) or other genetic alteration screening, liquid biopsy cancer screening and DNA sequencing offers healthcare professionals an enhanced overview that has the potential to aid not only diagnosis but also the treatment pathway.

Expedeon has entered the arena of liquid biopsy companies by developing two cell free and exosomal DNA amplification kits. Each of the kits has been optimized for specific categories of cell free DNA origins – Necrotic and apoptotic. Utilizing the DNA primase TthPrimPol and DNA polymerase Phi29 DNA polymerase, the kits offer high fidelity primer free DNA amplification, generating yields far exceeding that of contemporary Taq polymerase based amplification.

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