Buffers and Membranes

Running Buffer

Electrophoresis is dependent on running buffer, as it provides ions that carry a current. The electrical charge allows the separation of proteins, DNA and RNA for analysis, whilst also maintaining pH levels. This is significant as the charge of biomolecules can change as the pH fluctuates.

SDS PAGE relies on running buffer in the form of TEO-Tricine and Bis-Tris buffers, whilst blotting requires Western blot transfer buffer. All buffers have different solutions to enable optimum gel electrophoresis or protein transfer with their corresponding gel chemistry.

Our handy selection guide below lists each running buffer for each gel:

TEO-Tricine Gels

  1. RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer
  2. RunBlue™ LDS Sample Buffer – TEO-Tricine
  3. RunBlue™ DTT Reducer
  4. RunBlue™ Antioxidant

Bis-Tris Gels

  1. RunBlue™ MES Run Buffer
  2. RunBlue™ MOPS Run Buffer
  3. RunBlue™ 4x LDS Sample Buffer – Bis-Tris
  4. RunBlue™ DTT Reducer

Transfer Buffer

  1. InstantBlot™ Transfer Buffer
  2. RunBlue™ Tris-Glycine Blot Buffer
  3. RunBlue™ Tris-Glycine SDS Blot Buffer
  4. Western Blot Stripping Buffer
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