RunBlue 4x LDS Sample Buffer – Bis-Tris

RunBlue LDS Sample Buffer has been specifically formulated for use with RunBlue gels. The ions in the sample buffer match the gel buffer and the buffer has a higher density, making it compatible with the density of the running buffer. The buffer contains two tracking dyes. The red dye is designed to monitor the pH of the buffer. A color change from red to yellow indicates a shift in pH indicating that the buffer was poorly made or recycled too many times.

RunBlue LDS Sample Buffer should be used to prepare all samples for running on RunBlue Bis-Tris gels.  Specifically formulated for the Bis-Tris RunBlue buffer system to provide the best running conditions and results.

Contents: 1 x vial containing 10ml LDS Sample Buffer formulated for Expedeon’s new Bis-Tris gel chemistry. (4x Conc.)

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