RunBlue™ Blot Membranes

Blot Membranes for use in Dual Run & Blot system. Each membrane is sandwiched between two thick pieces of blotting paper for protection, and are further separated by blue paper inserts for easy identification of individual blot sandwiches. Pore size – 0.45µm

RunBlue™ gels run best on our Dual Run and Blot unit. This unique apparatus permits the running of both 10x10cm and 8x10cm gels. The unit is available in dual and quad form enabling up to four gels to be run at one time. Both blot membranes can also be used to complete Western blots. The unique electrode arrangement provides a gradient electric field, which ensures that both small and large proteins migrate from the gel at a comparable rate. Quad units are available in cooled format, enabling cold water hook up if required.

NXA19020 – RunBlue™ Blot Sandwich Nitrocellulose Membrane (NC) (90x85mm) – 0.45µm
NXA29320 – RunBlue™ Blot Sandwich Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane (90x85mm) – 0.45µm

Key Benefits:

  • Fits both 10×10 and 8×10 cassettes
  • Colors center core to provide maximum contrast with loading buffer for easy loading
  • Excellent sealing and no leakage from cathode to anode
  • Can be cooled in place to reduce heat effects such as smiling and frowning
  • Gradient field for blotting providing more uniform transfer
  • Ideal for high quality wet blotting.

Take a look at our  Sample Buffers and Membranes for Western blot.

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