InstantBlot Transfer Buffer

Transfer Buffer for Fast Protein Transfers

This breakthrough buffer is designed to deliver a Western blot transfer procedure in as little as ten minutes (where less than 100 kDa), without the excessive heat generation that may denature proteins.

Save Time:

  • Designed for faster and efficient protein transfer – By up to 60% when compared to traditional Western blot transfer buffers.
  • Without compromising your results and sensitivity – 20 min vs. several hours.

Save Money:

  • In comparison to ‘Dry Blots’, with each transfer your savings accrue.

Better Results:

  • With ALL proteins, including high MW proteins.

Universally Compatible:

  • All brands of gels
  • Every different gel chemistry
  • Any kind of membrane (PVDF, NC, Nylon…).
  • Any ‘wet blotting’ tank.

Provided as a 10x concentrated solution (500ml). Take a look at our full range of  Sample Buffers and Membranes for Western blot.

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