RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer

RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer provides a similar separation to the MOPS buffer used with Bis-Tris precast gels. RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer is based on a TEO-Tricine buffer system, giving improved resolution at low molecular weights, whilst retaining excellent resolution at high molecular weights. The buffer can be used for reduced and nonreduced samples.

Features and Benefits:

  • High quality and consistent electrophoresis results
  • High purity reagents
  • Strict QC test
  • Ready to use concentrated solutions
  • Optimized for use with all the RunBlue™ reagents.

RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer is optimized for use with RunBlue Precast Gels to provide the best running conditions and optimal sample resolution.

All RunBlue™ buffers, reagents and accessories have been specifically designed and formulated for use with the RunBlue™ gels and apparatus to provide optimum performance and results. Buffers are made using the highest quality chemicals and have different compositions compared with other manufacturers buffers.

We have a full range of Sample Buffers and Accessories for all your gel electrophoresis needs.

Storage: Room temperature

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