RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer

RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer provides a separation similar to the MOPS buffer used with BIS-TRIS precast gels. Based on a TEO-Tricine buffer system this gives improved resolution at lower molecular weights whilst retaining excellent resolution at the high molecular weights. The buffer can be used for reduced and non-reduced samples.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality and consistent electrophoresis results.
  • High-purity reagents
  • Strict QC test
  • Ready-to-use concentrated solutions
  • Optimized for use with all the RunBlue™ reagents

RunBlue™ SDS Running Buffer is optimized for use with RunBlue Precast Gels to provide the best running conditions and optimal sample resolution.

All RunBlue™ Buffers, Reagents and Accessories have been specifically designed and formulated for use with the RunBlue™ gels and apparatus to provide optimum performance and results. Buffers are made using the highest quality chemicals and have different compositions to other manufacturers buffers.

We have a full range of Sample Buffers and Accessories for all your gel electrophoresis needs.

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