Dual Cool Mini Vertical PAGE / Blotting Systems

Mini Gel Tank for Western blotting & SDS PAGE

Electrophoresis Tank with Dual Capacity for Mini Gels

Dual-Cool Mini-Vertical System - double-gasketed receptable

  • Mini Vertical Electrophoresis System that runs two slab gels or two Western blots under identical temperatures, in controlled buffer conditions using stirring bar corral and freezer blocks
  • Each gel or blotting cassette is placed into a double gasket receptacle in the core for increased perimeter pressure, ensuring a tight fit and preventing surrounding buffer interference
  • Hinged core design allows easy loading and removal of gel or blotting cassettes. This feature also allows for the immediate reuse of buffer for the next set of samples
  • Gel or blotting cassettes can be extracted from the core without removing the core from the tank, allowing for quick processing of samples. This feature also allows for the immediate reuse of buffer for the next set of samples.


Compatible with all Mini Gels

Gel SizeGel BrandAdaptor
10cm x 10cmExpedeon™ Invitrogen™ Novex, handcast gelsNo adaptor
10cm x 8cmExpedeon™DCX-AP-108
10cm x 9cm Lonza™DCX-AP-109


Electrophoresis Chamber Specifications

Gel Capacity 1 to 2 mini gels
Total Buffer Volume for 2 Blots940ml
Electrophoresis Unit Size16.5cm x 15.2cm x 21.6cm (WxHxD)
Slab Gel Run Time30–90 minutes
Blot Run Time75 minutes


Handcasting – Simple with our casting kits

Gel casting can be accomplished using MultiCasting Chamber Kits and The Gel Wrap® Casting System.

DCX-700 Multiple Gel Casting Chamber Bundle

The MultiCasting Chamber Kits allow four gels to be cast at the same time. Each kit contains:

• One multicaster chamber
• Four sets notched glass plate sets
• Four sets of spacers (choice of 0.75mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm thickness)
• Four combs (choice of 10 well or 14 well).
• Polycarbonate barrier sheets


DCX-700 gel wrap casting system

The Gel Wrap® Casting System allows two gels to be cast at the same time. Each kit contains:

• Six clamps
• Two sets of Gel Wrap™ spacers (0.75mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm thickness)
• Two Gel Wrap™ Gaskets (0.75mm, 1.0mm or 1.5mm thickness)
• Two combs (choice of 10 well or 14 well)
• Two sets of Gel Wrap™ glass plates


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Glass Plate Sets for 10 x 10cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units DCX-700, QNX-700 and QNC-700 [table 1] Please see SKU's when ordering: R - stands for rounded borders DN - stands for Borosilicate backplate

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