Quadra Mini Vertical PAGE and Blotting System

Quadruple Capacity to Run Western blots or SDS PAGE Gels Simultaneously

The Quadra Mini Combo Cell can accommodate fits RunBlue Precast Gels or glass plate dimensions of either 10cm(w) x 10cm(h) or 10cm(w) x 9cm(h) or 10cm(w) x 8cm(h).

Key Features:

  • Each gel or blotting cassette is placed into a double gasket receptacle in the core for increased perimeter pressure, ensuring a tight fit and preventing surrounding buffer interference
  • Hinged core design allows easy loading and removal of gel or blotting cassettes
  • Gel or blotting cassettes can be extracted from the core without removing the core from the tank, allowing for quick processing of samples
  • Tank design includes stirring bar corral to maintain an even temperature.

Alternatively, try out this system with internal cooling.

Specification Table:

Number of gels1–4
Compatible Precast gelsExpedeon,
Compatible Precast
Gel Sizes (cm)
10(w) x 10(l),
10(w) x 9(l),
10(w) x 8(l)
Handcast Glass Plate
Dimensions (cm)
10(w) x 10(l)
Cathode Buffer Volume
for 4 Slab Gels
200ml / reservoir
total of 400ml
Anode Buffer Volume950–1,100 ml
Total Buffer Volume for
4 Blots
Slab Gel Run Time30–90 minutes
Blot Run Time75 minutes
Recommended Power
EPS-300 X or EPS-250 X
Overall Dimensions
WxDxH (cm)


  • Lower buffer reservoir
  • Two dual capacity cores
  • Platinum electrodes
  • Four blotting cassettes with sponge pads
  • Safety cover with power leads
  • Conversion plate for running one gel at a time.


  • Native PAGE
  • Nucleic Acid PAGE
  • Western Blot.

Looking for more Western blot information? Check out our Western blot application guide.


Glass Plate Sets for 10 x 10cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units DCX-700, QNX-700 and QNC-700 [table 1] Please see SKU's when ordering: R - stands for rounded borders DN - stands for Borosilicate backplate

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