Quadra Mini Vertical PAGE and Blotting System with Internal Cooling

Temperature Controlled Unit

Run Four Western Blot or PAGE Gels Simultaneously

Quadruple capacity with dual function, run up to four gels or four blots simultaneously under identical temperature controlled conditions. Identical to the Quadra Mini Vertical PAGE and Blotting System with the added internal cooling functionality.

Combo cell can accommodate Western blotting or SDS PAGE for four gels at a time. Double sided cooling labyrinth can be connected to external chiller for temperature controlled runs. Fits RunBlue FAST Buffer Precast Gels or glass plate dimensions of either 10cm x 10cm or 10cm x 9cm(h) or 10cm x 8cm(h). Includes reservoir with cooling labyrinths and tubing adaptors, two dual cores, four blotting cassettes with sponge pads, and safety cover with attached power leads.

Glass Plate Sets for 10 x 10cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units DCX-700, QNX-700 and QNC-700 [table 1] Please see SKU's when ordering: R - stands for rounded borders DN - stands for Borosilicate backplate

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