Dual Double Wide Mini Vertical Systems

The Dual Double Wide Mini Vertical Systems doubles the capacity of a standard size dual unit, running the equivalent of four standard mini gels at a time. Includes two combs, two glass plate sets, two spacer sets, two Gel Wrap gaskets for casting.


• 20cm wide systems are ideal for electrophoretic separations of a large number of samples that require a relatively short path length for resolution
• Internal cooling chamber in dual units provides precise temperature control
• Double wide mini gels can be cast using our patented Gel Wrap® Gasket system or with Multi Caster Kits
• The MGV-202-20 and MGV-216-20 can screen up to 102 samples simultaneously. The 52 well microtiter compatible comb is designed to run up to 96 samples plus controls on each side so that results from a single microtiter plate can be analyzed simultaneously
• This system can be used for fluorescence based assays; images can be captured on a scanner directly through optional borosilicate glass plate sets.

Specification Table:

Model Cat. #MGV-202-20MGV-216-20
# of Gels1–21–2
Overall Dimensions
WxDxH (cm)
Glass Plate
WxL (cm)
Matching Tank BlotterEBU-402EBU-102
Matching Semi-Dry
Power Supply
EPS-300 X or EPS-250 XEPS-300 X or EPS-250 X
Recommended Buffer
Upper reservoir
Lower reservoir
Slab Gel Run Time35–40 min30–90 min


SDS PAGE, Native PAGE, and Nucleic Acid PAGE.

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Glass Plate Sets for 20 x (10 to 16)cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units MGV-202-20 and MGV-216-20 [table 1] Please see SKU’s when ordering: R – stands for rounded borders

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