Stain Tray – InstantBlue®

InstantBlue® Stain Tray

The Expedeon Stain Tray is a lightweight, simple solution for staining gels with InstantBlue® protein stain or any other protein stain. Trays are large enough for midi gels, stackable, and come with a lid to help avoid spills and allow stacking.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy removal lid design with protruding tabs to separate lid and tray
  • Lid protects from evaporation and contamination
  • Can be stacked on rockers / shakers or in fridge
  • Pour spouts in each corner of tray
  • Transparent plastic to allow staining progress checks at a glance
  • RNase, DNase and endotoxin free
  • Reusable.

Expedeon Staining Trays are designed to provide a cost effective, reusable staining vessel. Pour spouts in every corner reduce mess and waste if reusing or disposing of stain. Tightly sealing lids prevent evaporation when storing gels and allow stacking on rockers and in fridges. Both lids and trays are reusable, and when not in use trays and lids stack separately to minimize the storage space required.

Trays are made from APET and are not microwavable. Dimensions (internal): 10cm x 14.3cm x 3cm

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