DNA Ladders

Our DNA Ladders allow estimation of the molecular weight of linear double stranded DNA run in agarose gels. The 50bp PLUS ladder contains fragments from 50bp up to 1kbp, and the 50bp ladder contains fragments from 50bp to 500bp. Please see the product image for specific fragment lengths. The 50bp ladder contains eight fragments, while the 1kbp PLUS contains 13 fragments.

Our DNA Ladders contain precisely quantified and measured linear double stranded fragments of DNA premixed with loading dye, making them ready to use. Ladders have one or two fragments at a higher concentration to help identify specific bands in the ruler and estimate DNA length at a glance. Fragments are logical, round numbers with a sensible profile when run.

These ladders are formulated so that when loading 5µl, all fragments contain 40ng of DNA, apart from the higher concentration bands that will contain 100ng. Ladders are supplied in volumes of 500µl, giving 100 runs worth of ladder if using 5µl per run. The recommended volume per run is 2–5 µl. Please see the following table for more specific information about individual ladders.

(volume: 500µl)
Band RangeNumber of FragmentsConcentration
(ng / µl)
Higher Concentration Bands
DNA Ladder – 1KB0.5–10kbp101042,000, 5,000
DNA Ladder PLUS – 1KB0.1–10kbp15144500, 3,000
DNA Ladder – 100bp0.1–1.5kbp11100500
DNA Ladder PLUS – 100bp0.1–3.0kbp14136500, 1,000
DNA Ladder – 50bp50–500bp876250
DNA Ladder PLUS – 50bp50–1kbp13128250, 500

Additional Information

  • Storage: +4°C
  • Shelf life: One year from receipt

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