Dual Adjustable Sequencing Kits

Dual Adjustable Sequencing Kits Offered in 3 Heights and 2 Widths


  • Dual Adjustable Sequencing Kits can run short gels for oligonucleotide, protein or preparative DNA separations as well as long gels for analytical sequencing on the same unit; by ordering appropriate accessories
  • Offered in two widths (20cm and 33cm, as indicated by the last two digits of the SKU), which provide the flexibility to run gel lengths of 22cm, 32cm, 42cm, 52cm, or 62cm
  • A wide selection of precision machined combs and spacers are available, including specially configured shark tooth combs for multichannel pipettor loading
  • Compressible, long lasting silicone gasket on the face of the unit provides a leakproof seal when glass plates are clamped in place
  • The rotating base of the Dual Adjustable Systems allows easy access to either side of the unit. A removable peg locks the base of the unit into place, providing stability for 180° rotation
  • Both upper and lower reservoirs have drains with tubing adapters for easy disposal of the buffer. Bottom buffer reservoir conveniently detaches from the base of the unit for ease in cleaning and disposal of the buffer
  • Accessory anodized aluminum cooling plates can be ordered to clamp onto glass plates to evenly distribute the heat generated during electrophoresis
  • Optional acrylic bar clamp provides equal pressure along the entire width of glass plate / comb sandwich eliminating capillary leakage of the sample while loading shark tooth combs
  • Thicker accessory choices are available to accommodate Large Format Protein Gel applications.

Specification Table:

Cat #Pathlength sizesWidthShark tooth combs
DASG-400-2022, 32 or 42cm20cm0.4mm x 34 Well
DASG-400-3322, 32 or 42cm 33cm0.4mm x 62 Well
DASG-500-2022, 32, 42 or 52cm20cm0.4mm x 34 Well
DASG-500-3322, 32, 42 or 52cm33cm0.4mm x 62 Well
DASG-600-2022, 32, 42, 52 or 62cm20cm0.4mm x 62 Well
DASG-600-3322, 32, 42, 52 or 62cm33cm0.4mm x 62 Well

Complete System Includes:

  • Dual vertical electrophoresis cell with rotating leveling base with a bubble level
  • Safety covers with power leads
  • Leakproof silicone gasket on the upper reservoir to which the glass plates are clamped
  • Platinum electrodes
  • Divided upper reservoir
  • Two combs
  • Two sets of glass plates
  • Two sets of spacers
  • Single bottle of Gel Repel™
  • Single roll gel sealing tape
  • Two wedge plate separators
  • White spring clamps
  • Buffer drainage ports.


  • DNA sequencing
  • Mutation detection
  • Genotyping
  • Minisatellites
  • Differential display
  • Large format SDS PAGE
  • RNase protection
  • DNA footprinting
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Microsatellites / SSTR.

Glass Plate Sets for 20 x (22 to 62)cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units [table 1] Please see SKU’s when ordering: R – stands for rounded borders SGP20- series includes notched plate and back plate and are edge sanded and polished…

Glass Plate Sets for 50 x (22 to 62)cm Electrophoresis Gels

Compatible Electrophoresis Units [table 1]

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