Cipher Genetic Analysis System Kit

Detect Mutations and Polymorphisms in Four Different Ways

The Cipher Genetic Analysis System detects mutations and polymorphisms in four different ways: SSCP, TTGE, CDGE or DGGE.

Destabilization of nucleic acid complexes can be accomplished using a uniform solvent concentration (Urea / Formamide) with an increasing temperature gradient (TTGE) or separation can be achieved by varying the solvent concentration at a constant temperature (DGGE).

Both techniques rely on establishing a range of either solvent or temperature in which the target fragments will undergo conformational transition (melt). Single Strand Conformational Polymorphisms (SSCP) reveals differences in electrophoretic mobility between normal and mutant strands of DNA.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Cipher DTSK Genetic Analysis Systems are equipped with a large diameter cooling coil in the anode buffer chamber to accommodate SSCP techniques. The cooling coil is connected to an external refrigerated water bath (chiller). The Cipher Instrument automatically mixes the buffer and regulates the overall temperature; holding the buffer temperature within ±0.2°C of the set temperature assuring consistent intra and inter gel conditions
  • Internal peristaltic pump for buffer cycling
  • This system lends itself well to the use of fluorescence based assays whose images can be captured on a fluorimeter directly through optional Borosilicate glass plate sets
  • A mini peristaltic pump (MPP-100) used in conjunction with the GM40 gradient maker produces accurate and consistent gradient gels
  • Single or dual gel cassettes are offered, which have been designed to eliminate the need of agarose plugs
  • Buffer tank dimensions have been reduced to use bench space more efficiently
  • Safety cover has electrical interlock for protection and to help maintain temperature and reduce evaporation
  • To avoid any incompatibility issues the EPS-300 X (CE) Power Supply is included because it’s specifications are suited to run all DGGE and TTGE applications
  • Simplified casting method using Gel Wrap® gasket for both perpendicular and vertical gels.


  • Detecting single base DNA changes / mutations
  • Detecting polymorphisms in double stranded DNA
  • Determining DNA fragment melting points
  • Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism (SSCP).


  • Electrophoresis tank
  • EPS-300-IIV Mini Power Supply
  • Mini peristaltic pump
  • Two dual cassettes
  • Heater / stirrer / buffer cycler with temperature ramping capability
  • Gradient maker
  • Eight combs (Four each of single well and four each of 16 well combs)
  • Eight sets of spacers (four sets for vertical DGGE & TTGE and four sets for perpendicular DGGE)
  • Four glass plate sets
  • Eight Gel Wrap gaskets
  • Clamps
  • Glass safety cover
  • Buffer siphon pump
  • Large diameter cooling coil
  • Power leads
  • Gel tape.

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