Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Systems

For the Detection of Single Base Changes and Polymorphisms in Genomic, Cloned and PCR Amplified DNA

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Systems are ideal for screening samples for genetic mutations and can also be used for determining DNA fragment melting points.

Features & Benefits

  • Four different sized Cipher DGGE Systems, which are reliable and easy to use
  • Superior temperature stability: Heating element and thermostat maintain excellent temperature stability (±0.2°) and minimize thermal stratification during DGGE
  • Buffer Cycler eliminates the need for an external peristaltic pump to recycle buffer
  • Can run up to eight gels at a time
  • This system lends itself well to the use of fluorescence based assays whose images can be captured on a fluorimeter directly through optional Borosilicate glass plate sets
  • A mini peristaltic pump (MPP-100) used in conjunction with the gradient maker produces accurate and consistent gradient gels
  • Single or dual gel cassettes are offered
  • Buffer tank dimensions have been reduced to use bench space more efficiently
  • Safety cover has electrical interlock for protection and to help maintain temperature and reduce evaporation
  • To avoid any incompatibility issues the EPS-300 X (CE) Power Supply is included because it’s specifications are suited to run all DGGE applications
  • Simplified casting method using GelWrap® gasket for both perpendicular and vertical gels.

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  • Detecting single base DNA changes / mutations
  • Detecting polymorphisms in double stranded DNA
  • Determining DNA fragment melting points.


  • Includes two dual cassettes, heater / stirrer / cycler with a lumen
  • Gradient maker
  • Buffer siphon pump
  • Four each 0.75mm x single well comb
  • Four each 0.75mm x 20 well comb
  • Four sets 0.75mm spacers
  • Four sets 0.75mm perpendicular spacers
  • Four sets glass plates
  • Eight each 0.75mm Gel Wrap Gaskets
  • 24 each white spring clamps
  • 36 each white casting clamps
  • Butterfly adaptor
  • Silicone tubing and gel sealing tape.

Footprint Pack: 21″(l) x 13″(w) x 12″(h), or in cm: 53cm(l) x 33(w) x 31(h).

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