Dual Adjustable Slab Gel Kits

For protein separations, SDS PAGE. Versatile unit adjustable to 14.5, 16, 17, 19, 22, or 28cm pathlength, with appropriate accessories. Unit features leveling base, platinum electrodes and safety-tip power leads. Includes 2 combs,2 glass plate sets,2 sets of spacers, 16 white spring clamps.

DASG-250 – Dual Adjustable Slab Gel Kit with adjustable upper reservoir and leveling base. Can run 2 gels simultaneously under identical buffer conditions. Runs gels 16cm(w) in lengths from 145mm up to 280mm.

DASG-250-02 – Dual Adjustable Slab Gel Kit, CE. This versatile dual adjustable unit adjusts to 14.5, 16, 17, 19, 22, or 28cm pathlength, with appropriate accessories. This type of safety cover conforms to CE regulations.


  • Unit is adjustable to provide the flexibility of running gels with path lengths of 145mm, 160mm, 170mm, 190mm, 220mm, or 280mm. The ability to run 400mm path lengths is also available with Cat.# ASG-400 or DASG-400. (See photo A).
  • A wide selection of combs and spacers is available for protein and DNA gels. Combs are offered with 9 different thicknesses and with up to 30 teeth.
  • This System lends itself well to the use of fluorescence based assays whose images can be captured on a fluorimeter directly through optional Borosilicate glass plate sets.
  • Leveling base helps prevent uneven loading of samples.
  • Glass plates are available from three different materials and in seven lengths (145mm, 160mm, 170mm, 190mm, 220mm, 280mm, 400mm) and can be ordered with front plate beveled for two-dimensional electrophoresis.
  • The Gel Wrap®* Casting System: C.B.S. Scientific has developed a revolutionary new leak-proof gasket, Gel Wrap®, that seals the glass plate sandwich for gel casting quickly and easily. Set-up time for gel casting can be accomplished in less than one minute. Gel Wrap® is designed to perform two functions simultaneously – it holds onto the back glass plate making it easy to handle, and it seals the spacers. Photo (B) at right shows the glass plate sandwich assembly sealed with Gel Wrap® and ready for gel casting.
  • Power leads are bussed together so that anode and cathode are removed simultaneously and are CE approved.
  • A long-lasting silicone sponge gasket on the upper reservoir prevents buffer leakage after glass plates have been clamped in place.
  • CE version of safety cover is available for both the single and dual adjustable units. (see photo C). Single units with CE approved safety covers are shown at right. Safety cover can be adjusted from a minimum height of 160mm up to a maximum height of 250mm. Please see price list for ordering information.


    • Separating Proteins
    • SDS PAGE
    • Characterizing Proteins
    • Mobility Shift Assays
    • DNA Peternity Testing
    • Nucleic Acid Sequencing
    • Differential Display
    • DNA Footprinting/Fingerprinting

Forensic Analysis



Please see accessories for description of multiple gel casting systems, gradient makers, combs, spacer sets, aluminum plates 9for sequencing applications), glass plates, Gel Wrap®, bar clamps, and white clamps available for these units

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