TruePrime® Necrotic Cell-Free / Exosomal DNA Amplification Kit

TruePrime® Necrotic-Cell Free / Exosomal DNA Amplification Kit

The TruePrime® Necrotic Cell-Free / Exosomal DNA Amplification kit preferentially amplifies larger (≥1kb) DNA fragments derived through necrosis or from extracellular vesicles like exosomes. This presents a method for assessing cancer genome information regardless of tumour, with superior sensitivity (100 pg cfDNA input) and specificity.

Note: This kit cannot be used for the amplification of apoptotic cell-free DNA (160-170 bp). For this we would recommend the TruePrime® apoptotic cell-free DNA amplification kit.

Specific amplification of large DNA fragments (≥1kb)Optimized kit and protocol for large templates (time saving)
Excellent sensitivity and reproducibilityPerfect for precious / rare samples
Primer-free amplification – TthPrimPol synthesizes the primers for Phi29 DNA polymeraseNo primer-associated artefacts such as primer dimers – better representivity (cost and time saving)
Excellent coverage with minimal biasReliable results for publication
Wide variety of cell-free DNA sample sources:
• Plasma
• Serum
• Urine
• Other bodily fluids
Less restriction in sample source – greater experimental flexibility
Reliable at a cfDNA input level of 100 pg, preserving SNVs and SNV frequencies across different sequencing technologiesAmplification product sequencing compatibility


  • Assessing cancer genome information from all samples, regardless of tumour, with superior sensitivity and specificity
  • Genetic research using large (≥1kb) circulating cell-free DNA
  • Cancer research
  • Amplification of large (≥1kb) DNA

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