Antibody Concentration and Clean Up Kit for Latex & Europium

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The Antibody Concentration & Clean Up Kit for Latex & Europium is an easy to use kit for the removal of small interfering buffer components; such azide, Tris and glycine, which can affect the conjugation reaction when using our Latex and Europium Conjugation Kits (please refer to our table for a complete list of buffer considerations).

Antibody Concentration & Clean Up Kit for Latex & Europium benefits:

  • Easy and quick
  • High recoveries
  • Specifically developed for our kits.

It can be used to:

  • Increase antibody concentration
  • Exchange buffer (pH, salt concentration)
  • Remove small nonprotein additives (sodium azide, Tris, glycine).

If your antibody is in a complex matrix such as serum or TCS or in the presence of gelatin we recommend that you use our AbPure™ Antibody Purification Systems.

How It Works:

  • The kit utilizes a simple spin column to clean up the antibody by buffer exchanging to remove the unwanted buffer components
  • The kit can also be used for concentrating your antibody by recovering the antibody in a smaller volume
  • The antibody is quickly and easily concentrated and then diluted with one of the Latex Conjugation Kit Reaction Buffers.

Antibody Concentration & Clean Up Kit for Latex & Europium - Diagram

Kit Components:

  • Four Spin Cartridge / Collecting Tube Assemblies
  • One vial 20x Reaction Buffer A
  • One vial 20x Reaction Buffer B.

The optimal buffer for conjugation varies for different antibodies, which is why both are provided. An antibody cleaned up into 1x Reaction Buffer A, but conjugated in 1x Reaction Buffer B (and vice versa) will have a conjugation efficiency of 50–100 % compared to being both cleaned up and conjugated in the optimal buffer. For optimal conjugation efficiency we therefore recommend determining the optimal 1x Reaction Buffer, then ensuring that for future conjugations, the antibody is cleaned up into the optimal buffer. For quick scouting or ‘proof of principle’ experiments this may not be necessary.

One Spin Cartridge / Collecting Tube Assembly can clean up an antibody into one of the two buffers. To clean up the antibody into both Reaction Buffers, two separate Spin Cartridge / Collecting Tube Assemblies must be used.

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