Spin-Tip PolyMAC-Ti Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit

Spin-Tip PolyMAC-Ti Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit


Due to low stoichiometry of phosphorylation, phosphopeptide enrichment is a critical step for successful mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomics experiments. PolyMAC offers an efficient and greatly improved method to achieve more complete phosphopeptide enrichment under homogeneous conditions. This highly selective enrichment procedure can be used with majority of the complex samples because it provides optimal specificity toward phosphopeptides.

Kit Performance

The performance of the PolyMAC kit was evaluated using highly complex lysate samples from different sample origins. Each experiment was a single 60-min LC-MS analysis, and the number of unique phosphopeptides identified and percent enrichment selectivity are reported in the results.

SampleNumber of unique phosphopeptidesEnrichment selectivity (%)
30 µg Human B cells lysate875296
100 µg Arabidopsis thaliana lysate549790
1 mg Rice fungus lysate297491

Pack size:

48 Enrichments 96 Enrichments
Kit components
  • 2.5mL of PolyMAC-Ti
  • 20mL of Loading buffer
  • 10mL of Washing buffer 1
  • 10mL of Washing buffer 2
  • 5mL of Elution buffer
  • 48 fritted tips
  • 8 centrifuge adapters
  • 5mL of PolyMAC-Ti
  • 40mL of Loading buffer
  • 20mL of Washing buffer 1
  • 20mL of Washing buffer 2
  • 10mL of Elution buffer
  • 96 fritted tips
  • 8 centrifuge adapters

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