UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit

UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit for Unbiased Extraction of Membrane Proteins and Soluble Proteins

A Single Protein Extraction Protocol for Tissues and Cells, Fresh or Frozen

Expedeon’s UPX Protein Extraction Kit works with high efficiency on a wide variety of samples such as heart, liver, brain, and kidney organ tissues, mammalian derived cultured cell lines, and bacteria. You can begin with freshly harvested or frozen cells. Extract proteins at high efficiency and solubilize the entire proteome.

Compatible with SDS PAGE, GELFrEE 8100 Fractionation, FASP Digestion

The lysis buffer in the UPX Protein Extraction Kit maximizes the extraction of proteins from cells and tissues under conditions that are compatible with downstream methods for preparing samples for mass spectrometry (MS). Containing reducing agents and SDS, the lysis buffer provides unbiased, total extraction of membrane proteins and soluble proteins from cells and tissue. Solubulized proteins in the resulting lysates can be analyzed by SDS PAGE and fractionated by the GELFrEE 8100 Fractionation System. Expedeon recommends Filter Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) for detergent depletion and complete trypsin digestion of extracts prior to analysis by MS.

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