GELFrEE 8100 Cartridge Kits

Protein Fractionation GELFrEE Cartridge Kits

The GELFrEE 8100 Cartridge Kits are ready to use for use with the GELFrEE 8100 Fractionation Station. Each Cartridge Kit contains preformulated Running and Sample Buffers, as well as the Fractionation Cartridge. Containing eight independent channels for molecular weight fractionation and liquid phase recovery. All eight channels may be used simultaneously, or one or more channels may be used, saving the unused channels for use at a later time.

Four separate GELFrEE 8100 Cartridge Kits are available for protein isolation, purification and fractionation across distinct mass ranges as below.

Specification Table

Cartridge KitSeparation Range and Resolution
5% Tris-Acetate Cartridge Kit3.5 to 500kDa, with resolution between 75kDa and 500kDa
8% Tris-Acetate Cartridge Kit3.5 to 150kDa, with resolution between 35kDa and 150kDa
10% Tris-Acetate Cartridge Kit3.5 to 100kDa, with resolution between 15kDa and 100kDa
12% Tris-Acetate Cartridge Kit3.5 to 50kDa, with resolution between 10kDa and 50kDa

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